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Dude, have ya heard of this “World Wide Web” thing?

Written by Mr. Bessler on March 15, 1994

I was talking to this KMFDM-freak in the Quad last night and he wouldn’t shut-up about this program called Mosaic that uses his Baud modem to “browse” something he called the “World Wide Web”. Not sure how useful it’s going be, but he seemed super-excited about it. Read more »

Will you join America Online, too? I wanna send someone Electronic Mail.

Written by Mr. Bessler on August 28, 1992

Modem? Check. America Online 2.0 diskette? Got it. Dad’s credit card info? Borrowed. Let’s do this. Read more »

CompuServe and GEnie both sound awesome

Written by Mr. Bessler on January 26, 1990

Damn, I wish I had a modem. Read more »

I’m working on a HyperCard stack that’s gonna be hotter than Arsenio

Written by Mr. Bessler on December 4, 1989

I’m making a sweet stack for Debra in Religion class. Pretty sure she’s gonna freak-out when she see’s it. Read more »


Written by Mr. Bessler on March 2, 1985

CAN’T…sus-sus…STOP…sus-sus…SAYING…sussudio. Read more »