I’m working on a HyperCard stack that’s gonna be hotter than Arsenio

Written by Mr. Bessler on December 4, 1989

I’m making a sweet stack for Debra in Religion class. Pretty sure she’s gonna freak-out when she see’s it. It’s turning into my masterwork and if she doesn’t like it, well, maybe I don’t want to get to first-base with her after my J.V. basketball game tonight against Le Sueur. Hopefully I’ll actually get some playing time in this one and not 4th Quarter garbage time. Why the hell is coach playing me at Forward? Christ, I’m the second shortest on the team and I barely weigh more than that Jonathan kid from Who’s The Boss?

Home Card
My Home Card is going to blow this one away. I have two disks with clip art from UpTime and I WILL be using them.
HyperCard clip art
Hypercard comes with some clip art that’s pretty nice too, though. I’m definitely gonna use some of these.
Hypercard release notes
It says in the overview that for optimal display of stacks, I need to have these fonts in my System file: New York (12, 14), Monaco (12), and Geneva (12). Not a problem, since I have those, plus SIX more. I can’t imagine anyone ever needing more fonts than that.
About HyperCard
Looks like Bill Atkinson got a haircut since making MacPaint.
HyperCard cassette
I’m going to make her this mix tape, too. So, these tunes AND a HyperCard stack. She’ll be speechless.
I borrowed this video cassette from the MSU library. It’s only two years old, so it’s pretty new.