An adept mouse mover

Just list logo after logo to illustrate his career experience and be done with it, right? Ain’t gonna do that.

The depth of Mr. Bessler’s career experience is reminiscent of the complex and delicate Blue Morpho Butterfly—its brilliant blue hind wings soaring majestically past the security gate of Best Buy’s Corporate Headquarters…you just take the Penn Avenue exit and turn right, you can’t miss it, I mean how could you since the damn thing is the size of LaGuardia and even at midnight it’s lit-up like a freakin’ cruise ship. For christ-sake, I know that putting together the 2023 Back to School Shelving Schematic PDF is like crafting A Farewell to Arms to these people, but go home to your family for once, jeez…O.K., here’s a bunch of logos. Happy now?

In addition to the fine and dandy corporations listed above,

Mr. Bessler has vital experience as a
delivery facilitator for the Mankato Free Press and Home Magazine. Also, he was a key-participant in the 1983 Fun Days Parade, where he was entrusted with the distribution of free taco tokens.
(Good at any participating Taco John's. One per person. Hard-shell only.)