The Eighties

I’m working on a HyperCard stack that’s gonna be hotter than Arsenio

Written by Mr. Bessler on December 4, 1989

I’m making a sweet stack for Debra in Religion class. Pretty sure she’s gonna freak-out when she see’s it. Read more »


Written by Mr. Bessler on March 2, 1985

CAN’T…sus-sus…STOP…sus-sus…SAYING…sussudio. Read more »

I still need Alan Knicely to complete my ’83 Fleer set

Written by Mr. Bessler on July 11, 1984

Only 15 cards left. Man, this is taking forever. It’s been over a year now and I can’t believe I’m still wasting all my paper route money trying to get commons like #199 Julio Valdez and #410 Toby Harrah. Read more »

Seriously, I’d really like to know where the beef went.

Written by Mr. Bessler on January 26, 1984

Haha…J/K…that commercial is so CLASSIC! Read more »

Sometimes I think I’m never gonna beat Castle Wolfenstein

Written by Mr. Bessler on December 29, 1983

So pissed. Why do I keep freaking-out and run-into the walls after I lose my uniform and Schnapps? Steve wins all the time when he plays. Probably because he has a joystick and I’m stuck using A, Z, and Arrows. Read more »