Established in 1973

An Ask Jeeves search yields this nugget about Mr. Bessler: “Andrew started designing websites professionally before ‘web designer’ was a real job title.”

Frankly, that sounds like a polite way of saying the guy is older than a rotory telephone. You laugh all you want, but how‘s that flawless reception on AT&T’s mobile network workin’ out for ya? Anyway, here’s what else Magnum P.I. was able to dig-up about this jerk:
  • He grew-up religiously-playing Microleague Baseball on an Apple //e;
  • Mastered PrintShop, MacPaint, and then the mind-blowingly-super SuperPaint; owned both a ThunderScan and a LightningScan; next-up were Pagemaker, Freehand, and Quark; followed by two extremely-obscure pieces of software called Photoshop and Illustrator;
  • Designed his first “WWW site” during college in the mid-‘90s;
  • Taught-himself HTML out of necessity and designed/built web stuff for a living in the dial-up era;
  • He once attempted to teach the basics of HTML to a group of MSI Insurance agents (keyword = “attempted”);
  • Has worked as a print and web designer for over two decades now;
  • He occasionally “borrows” a parking spot from the folks at Bust Out;
  • He enjoys consuming Korean food and oxygen.

Now with over 25 years of experience in both world’s of print and web,

Mr. Bessler is uniquely-suited to spec both a PMS and a HEX color—all while being able to settle bar bets about Rubylith, Photostat cameras, Netscape Navigator and how comically-underwhelming Adobe Pagemill 1.0 was.